Saturday, April 27, 2013

Special Topic: Aerius / Jae-Hwa (inspired by Lee Junho of 2PM)

Yesterday one of my biggest inspirations, Lee Junho of 2PM, sang a song for me on the show "A Song For You From 2PM". I feel so blessed and happy about this that I wanted to tell you a little more about this character.


(before known as Park Jae-Hwa)

Aerius, still apparently only a minor character in Book 1 & 2, becomes a major character from Book 3 on.
Actually he is one of the most important keys to "The Golden Heart" series. His story is the most moving, challenging and heart-breaking for me to write about. Along with Ian Vehemens he is one of my favorite characters. Perhaps I like writing him even a little more than Ian. I can't tell you guys too much without spoiling a huge part of "The Golden Heart"'s plot. But here's a short character description:

Jae-Hwa used to be a Korean singer who was chosen to be one of the immortal rulers of the Earth. By the time "The Golden Heart" series begins he has lived on earth for more than 3000 years. He has always been a very serious man who'd rather keep hiding his feelings than show weakness. Even when the other Gods - some of which are racist and all are much older than him - push him around he'd never cry in front of them . After all he has to go through he stays very religious and keeps believing in the God of Gods who created everything. It's tough since his only true friends always seem to be disappearing for some reason. All that is left for him to rely on are the guardian spirits. In Book 3 then he gets to partner up with one of the main characters for an important task. This person will show him what it's like to feel loved, that it's ok to show your feelings and that heaven which he so desires may be closer than he thinks.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Some Facts (Last Update: 25th April 2013)

- The first version of "The Golden Heart" I've written in 2009 had only three main characters (Devius being the hero, Aurea his love interest & Ardor his best friend - Aurea's grandfather was another major character. Catus, Malus, Ater & Ian were the major villains. Ian was not an Earth-Magus but a Fire Magus.)

- A lot of the names were randomized. In these cases I had a name before I formed a personality out of it.

- Some of the randomized names were: Ian, Notin & Aura.

- Aurea was my own idea & Azuria I had invented when I was 15.

- I started writing when I was 11. My first attempt was a Harry Potter fanfiction written with pen and paper. Right after that I started a romantic comedy about angels (also hand-written)

- I only had a computer when I was 12 / 13 and internet when I was 16.

- My grandmother managed to accidentally delete, save & close my entire "Angel" story by leaning on the keyboard. (Yep, not kidding)

- I love acting, directing and writing, because I love telling stories.

- My English is only good, because I've had a huge crush on Rupert Grint from age 11 to 16 ^-^

- I've changed the whole concept of my story four times, because I wasn't satisfied with the result

- I've written down the entire history of Arcanum and the Gods in roughly ten minutes through a spontaneous idea.

- Around 400 pages (the main pillars of my story) I had translated from German to English for my role model Colin Morgan within two weeks. I don't think I'll ever do anything like that again.

- The name "Jae-Hwa Park" is a hint to the person who inspired me for the character. Lee Junho of the band 2PM from JYP Entertainment. (Jae-Hwa = JH = Jun-Ho /// Jae-Hwa P. = JYP)

(more to be updated)

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Let people inspire you, but don't think you own them!

I don't really know how to explain it, but I guess many writers can relate. It just happens to me all the time.

A character already existed before. Even though I could imagine what I wanted him to be like, I couldn't quite shape him and his background story. All of a sudden I see a picture of someone and BAM! The character comes alive. A waterfall of ideas hits me and I start writing almost magically, like it's automatic. Recently this inspiration has been the band 2PM, especially their member Lee Junho.

But it can happen with anyone. It may even be a person I've only exchanged a few words with or seen walk across the street. Very often I find ideas in songs as well. Inspiration is everywhere.

I just need to keep myself from falling in love with inspiring people and the music too much. It's not always easy! ^-^ You get attached to a chapter, you get attached to the song that inspired you for it. You get attached to a character, you get attached to the person that inspired you. It's somewhat inevitable. Some authors forget the line between reality and fiction - between character and inspiration. To my fellow writers: Never forget that these two are very different from each other.

Even though someone may have inspired you - they are probably nothing like the character you created. This doesn't only apply to some writers, but also obsessive fans. It's really easy to fall in love (with people you know, with celebrities you think you know), but falling in love doesn't mean owning someone. Neither does being inspired by someone. Any person you like - regardless of whether you know them or not, even if you're married to this person - they're not yours. You wouldn't want someone to think he/she owns you either, so if you really love that man/woman - Let them go, let them have their freedom, live their life as they want to. I've also learned from having been a terribly jealous person. With time I figured out not to take life and love too seriously. Serious enough to be sincere with my partner, but also tolerant enough to let him go if he wants to.

What makes it easy for me not to become obsessed with people? I've created these wonderful characters. They exist in my mind and nobody can take that from me.

So let people inspire you - but don't think you own them! ^-^

Let me take you on a journey!

As a "Thank You" for your support I want to update you about some things.

First off: My story is wanted by two German publishing houses so far. One of them is in the process of reading the entire copy of my story right now. Publishing House No. 1 publishes physical books, the other one E-Books (it cooperates with a publishing house that publishes physical books though - with growing popularity of the story and the publishing house itself it has a chance of being published physically as well)

Why I need international support: I want to share my story with people from all over the world. Especially because I have friends all across the globe. But in order to do so foreign publishing houses need to know there are potential buyers in their country. Of course the sales in Germany will count as well, but knowing people are awaiting my story's publication in their country is a plus. What you can do? Simply be a fan of this club, like my facebook page, follow me on blogspot, twitter, youtube or whatever, it doesn't really matter. Only with your help my quiet voice can be heard. I can't avoid possibly annoying some of you guys with my invitation, but good things can solely come to those who work very hard. Be by my side while I'm trying to make my dream come true. You will be rewarded with a dedicated writer creating a world just for you. In seven books I plan to make you fall in love with my characters, break your heart, make you laugh and cry. See this as a passionate love letter to you for your support.

What you can expect:
Book 1 will introduce you gently to the world of Arcanum. It may start out soft for about the first half, but don't let that deceive you.

Book 2 will tell you more about Aurea's past and the development of character relationships. With a nervous, yet somewhat peaceful feel during part 2 of the book - it ends with a bang.

Book 3 will take the story to a whole new, more fantasy-ish level. You will be appropriately introduced to one of my favorite characters. He has a sad background and becomes very close with one of the main characters. The feel of Book 3 will be that of a rollercoaster ride.

Book 4 will be more calm, yet depressing. It will be about difficult decisions and how good intentions turn bad quite easily.

Book 5 will have an empty, heart-breaking feel. It is about missing something in your life you didn't know was important to you. It is also a lot about forgiveness and understanding.

Book 6, the grand finale shall be a surprise. Will it crush you? Will it make you happy? Maybe both? I won't tell.

Book 7 will be a sequel of 10 years after Book 6. If any of the "Golden Heart 1-6" characters will be involved I won't reveal, naturally.

What I'm doing now: Working on books 2-6. Also writing a screenplay for fun, since I've just learned how to do that at my writer's school. So I'm pretty busy and apologize in advance for possibly not being able to answer some messages. I get a lot everyday, so I hope you'll be understanding and patient with me.

Thank you so much for your love and support <3

Guide to Time in "The Golden Heart"


The Gods decided to name the months after themselves and the provinces. In each month there is a holiday celebrating the namesake God/Province.

January - Tellus

February - Zephyrus

March - Fons

April - Flamma

May - Ager

June - Imber

July - Lucida

August - Lux

September - Aerius

October - Obscurus

November - Caligo

December - Sol

Book 1 takes place from September to December (Aerius to Sol)

Guide to the province "Ager" Book 1 takes place in

Ager "Ay-ger"

The word "Ager" is pronounced like the English word "Age" just with an additional "R". It means "field, landscape, acre". As you can guess by its meaning there are many farms in Ager. Parts of Germany were formed to become this province in the year of the Great Change.

Language spoken: English

Other languages: German

Population: Mainly Earth- & Non-Magi, but also other types of Magi.

Capital: Stutgardia ("shtoot-guar-dee-ah")

Important towns: Infernum (Ian's birth place) & Agmen ("Ahg-men" - Tisha's army is situated here)

Guide to "The Golden Heart" Character Names

Nomen est Omen

In the year of the Great Change the Gods decided to create a new name system. The land itself was still separated through provinces, but there was no clear separation of races anymore. So for one they decided for a language everyone needed to be able to speak - English - and for keeping the surnames in Latin. All surnames are Latin words - mostly neutral or words in the Genitive - to not get them confused with masculine or feminine Latin words often used as first names. There is no certain trend to naming your babies. Anything is possible, any language, any origin, even invented names. Although in some families it became a tradition to name a child after their element (which can be determined at birth by the color of the iris - this color might change as they grow). Every birth is registered by the guardian spirits of the Gods.

Ardor - spoken exactly like the English word and does have the same meaning. (from Latin)

Ater - spoken exactly like "crater" just without the "cr". Its meaning is "black". (from Latin)

Aurea - in English it would be pronounced: "O-ray-ah". Its meaning is "golden". (from Latin)

Catus - in English it would be pronounced "Kay-tus". Its meaning is "clever". (from Latin)

Celerina - English pronounciation: Se-leh-ree-nah
Its meaning is "fast". (a Spanish name)

Clarus - Pronounciation: "Klah - Rus". Its meaning is "bright". (from Latin)

Devius - Pronounciation: "Deh - vee - us". Its meaning is "lonely" (from Latin)

Eruditus - Pronounciation - "Eh - Roo - Dy - Tus". Its meaning is "educated". (from Latin)

Ian - Well I guess the pronounciation is obvious? ^-^ Its an English name, from Hebrew, meaning "God is gracious"

Leigh - Also obvious pronounciation. An English name meaning "field".

Malus - Pronounced: "Mah - loos". Meaning "evil" (from Latin)

Notin - Pronounced just as written. Meaning "Wind" (a Native American name)

Kyan - Also pronounced as written. I changed the word Cyanblue to create the name, but it can also be a different form of the Irish name "Cian" meaning "ancient"

Tisha - Obvious pronounciation ^-^ Short form of the name "Letitia", meaning "Joy"

Weldon - pronounced as written, English surname meaning "from the hill with a well"

Some extra info

Aurea's Name was chosen by the one who raised her - "Aura Cor". Apparently she used her own name and added an "E" to create Aurea's. It fitted to the golden eyes Aurea had when she was a baby indicating that she'll be a Light Magus. Her real mother wanted to call her "Vanessa" meaning "butterfly".

Ater Cor had another name before. He renamed himself "Ater Cor" - "black heart" to fit his personality.

Devius' parents were not pleased with the fact that they gave birth to a Magus of Darkness. They called him "lonely" to express their disappointment.

Eruditus' former name was "Baceolus" meaning "idiot". His parents named him so as he grew older developing a speech defect. When his grandparents adopted him recognizing his parents' inability to raise this child lovingly, they called him by his birth name "Eruditus".

The word "Malus" means "apple tree" as well as it means "evil". The meaning changes depending on the pronounciation. Originally his parents meant "apple tree" for apple was their favorite fruit. After killing them Malus pronounced his name like "evil".

Azuria is with Kyan the only name I made up myself. I have no idea if Azuria exists at all. I just changed the word "azure blue". The name is pronounced "Ah - zoo - ree - ah"

The Gods

As the Gods used to be people like you and me before, they wanted to create new Latin names to demonstrate their divinity and power.

Obscurus (m.) - "Ob-scoo-rus" meaning "dark" /// Name before the Great Change: "Jerry"

Lux (f.) - "Looks" meaning "light" /// Name before the Great Change: "Aileen"

Aerius (m.) - "Eh-Ree-Us" meaning "airy" /// Name before the Great Change "Park Jae-Hwa"

Imber (m.) - Pronounced as written, meaning "Rain" /// Name before the Great Change "Kieve"

Tellus (f.) - "Tell-oos" meaning "Earth" /// Name before the Great Change "Renia"

Flamma (f.) - "Flah-mah" meaning "flame" /// Name before the Great Change "Allie"